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SubjectRe: eeepc-laptop rfkill, stupid question #4
On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 11:17:34AM +0000, Alan Jenkins wrote:

> Did you have any thoughts on the hibernation case? It's possible for the
> rfkill state to change while hibernated. You can boot into a different
> OS, or change it in the BIOS setup screen. At present the rfkill core
> overrides the change on resume.

There are two choices. We can either set the rfkill to the hardware
state, or we can set the hardware state to the rfkill state. I think
both are valid choices and I'm happy to implement either of them in the
resume path. However, as you point out, right now it's possible for the
user to change the hardware state in the BIOS and cause the two to get
out of sync. That's certainly not ideal.

Matthew Garrett |

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