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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] protect /sbin/init from unwanted signals more
    > inits today don't do anything with blocked signals.  They explicitly ignore all signals,
    > they don't want to deal with an enable those they do.

    I don't think we should constrain them this way.
    Future init versions might want to use blocked signals and sigwait.

    > Which reminds me. I need to retest, but I had a case where I had a
    > trivial init that set all signal handlers to SIG_IGN so it could ignore
    > SIGCHLD. And not all of it's children were getting reaped automagically.
    > Do we have a bug in the reparenting/reaping logic?

    We have had bugs along those lines in the past.
    AFAIK we've licked them all now. Re-testing is in order.


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