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SubjectRe: [PATCH] New IDE/block driver for OCTEON SOC Compact Flash interface.

David Daney wrote:

>>> As part of our efforts to get the Cavium OCTEON processor support
>>> merged (see:, we
>>> have this CF driver for your consideration.
>>> Most OCTEON variants have *no* DMA or interrupt support on the CF
>>> interface so a simple bit-banging approach is taken. Although if
>>> DMA is
>>> available, we do take advantage of it.
>>> The register definitions are part of the chip support patch set
>>> mentioned above, and are not included here.
>>> At this point I would like to get feedback as to whether this is a
>>> good approach for the CF driver, or perhaps generate ideas about other
>>> possible approaches.
>> It's totally unacceptable for drivers/ide/ as this is
>> self-containeed driver no using IDE core for anything, so this can
>> only fit well to drivers/block/.
> Not quite true, it is using ide_fix_driveid() and ide_fixstring(), but
> I get your point.

Overlooked those. I just saw that it looked very alike the version
that I've seen -- hidden deep inside arch/mips/ at that time. :-)

> OTOH, CF support via self-contained driver is certainly a waste of
> code since IDE core and (libata) are here to drive the CF devices as
> well. What we need is a "normal" IDE or libata (at your option) driver.
> I will have to try it to see if the hardware has the necessary support.

It sure does have the necessary support -- this is a part of CF spec.

> Thanks,
> David Daney

WBR, Sergei

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