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Subjecttcp_tw_recycle broken?
Hey.  Developing a http proxy on fedora 9 (2.6.25) and running into a
strange issue.

Having the proxy set up and tear down 6000 tcp connections a second to
the same test server ip and port,
it quickly blows up (5 seconds) due to all 30000 ephemeral ports going
setting tw_recycle=1 fixed the problem, and there are never more than
a couple hundred ports in TIME_WAIT.


Changing the load test to alternate between two test server ips, it
blows up. Connect: can't assign requested address. (note I am not
binding before hand, I tried
and binding first to port 0 made no difference - it just blows up then
during the bind).

And there are ~28K ports in TIME_WAIT. For example:

proxy_ip:30000 load_test_1:8080 TIME_WAIT
proxy_ip:30000 load_test_2:8080 TIME_WAIT
but most are not duplicates of the same local port.

What. The. Heck.

So short of rebuilding the kernel with time_wait as 1 second, is there
any other way not to brick my proxy?

Karl Pickett

Karl Pickett

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