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SubjectRe: linux-next: Tree for November 14 (staging/meilhaus/)
On Fri, 14 Nov 2008 18:40:21 +1100 Stephen Rothwell wrote:

> Hi all,
> Changes since 20081113:
> New tree:
> staging

I saw these warnings. Don't know how serious they are.

drivers/staging/meilhaus/me0600_device.o: WARNING: referencing weak function me0600_pci_constructor for mcount
drivers/staging/meilhaus/me0900_device.o: WARNING: referencing weak function me0900_pci_constructor for mcount
drivers/staging/meilhaus/me6000_device.o: WARNING: referencing weak function me6000_pci_constructor for mcount
drivers/staging/meilhaus/me8200_device.o: WARNING: referencing weak function me8200_pci_constructor for mcount

I also see 2 /** comments in the driver source that are not in kernel-doc
format. Please change them.

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