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SubjectRe: [dm-devel] [PATCH 1/8] dm-ioband: Introduction
Ryo Tsuruta wrote:
> Create two ioband devices "ioband1" and "ioband2". "ioband1" is mapped
> to "/dev/sda1" and has a weight of 40. "ioband2" is mapped to "/dev/sda2"
> and has a weight of 10. "ioband1" can use 80% --- 40/(40+10)*100 ---
> of the bandwidth of the physical disk "/dev/sda" while "ioband2" can use 20%.

Just to clarify, when you say ioband1 can use 80% of the bandwidh, you
mean that is how much it will get if both io bands are loaded right? If
there is no activity on ioband2, then ioband1 will get the full disk
bandwidth right?

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