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    SubjectRe: [PATCHSET] FUSE: extend FUSE to support more operations
    Hello, Miklos.

    Miklos Szeredi wrote:
    > 0006-FUSE-implement-unsolicited-notification.patch
    > 0007-FUSE-implement-poll-support.patch
    > This would be nice, but... I don't really like the fact that it uses
    > the file handle. Could we have a separate "poll handle" that is
    > returned in the POLL reply?

    Eh... I replied too early for this. I'm now trying to convert it to its
    own handle but there is a rather serious problem. It's usually much
    easier to have the entity to be waken up registered before calling
    ->poll so that ->poll can use the same notification path from ->poll ans
    for later.

    However, if we allocate poll handle from ->poll and tell it to kernel
    via reply, it creates two problem. 1. the entity which is to be waken
    up can't be registered prior to calling ->poll as there's nothing to
    identify it, 2. the interval from reply write and in-kernel polled
    entity registration must be made atomic so that no notification can come
    through inbetween. #1 means that ->poll can't call the same
    notification path from ->poll itself and #2 means that there needs to be
    special provision from dev.c::fuse_dev_write() to
    file.c::fuse_file_poll() so that atomicity can be guaranteed. Both of
    which can be done but I'm not really sure whether using a separate
    handle would be a good idea even with the involved cost.

    Why do you think using separate poll handle would be better? And do you
    still think the overhead is justifiable?



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