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SubjectRe: Update: "nobody cared" on Toshiba Satellite A100

> > 2. try the irqpoll option
> I have compiled with the spurious interrupt patch you provided,
> and I have booted it with the irqpoll option. Currently I am waiting for
> a "nobody cared" message.

When an interrupt arrives and linux finds no driver on that IRQ
willing to claim it, "irqpoll" causes Linux to search other IRQs
to find some other device driver that is looking for an interrupt.

So if the problem is that a device is provoking interrupts on the
wrong IRQ, you will not see the "nobody cared" message when
"irqpoll" is used.

> By the way, would I get any messages from the kernel if one of the IRQs
> was not handled properly and hence the functionality enabled by "irqpoll"
> was used?

No. irqpoll is silent.


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