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SubjectRe: PAT and MTRRs
> your bios doesn't cover 4g above RAM..
> please do
> 1. boot linux with "disable_mtrr_trim"
> 2. after booting input:
> echo "base=0x100000000 size=0x20000000 type=write-back" >/proc/mtrr
> echo "base=0x120000000 size=0x8000000 type=write-back" >/proc/mtrr
> echo "base=0x128000000 size=0x4000000 type=write-back" >/proc/mtrr
> later you could put those three lines in one scripts and call it from
> inittab # grep mtrrfixup /etc/inittab
> mtrrfixup:345:once:/root/
> YH
> --


It worked! It takes 10 minutes to boot, but it gets speedy somewhere in the
booting process. I checked the memory speed with "stream" and its working.

Just for the record, I had to change the line in /etc/inittab
to "mtrr:345:once:/root/" or else, init would complain about the
first field being more than 4 characters.

Thank you very much

-- Diego

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