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Subjectatl1e Ethernet driver not seeing packets sent to 33:33:00:00:00:01 multicast

This is on Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" using its stock kernel
(2.6.27-7.16), with an Eee PC 901 whose Ethernet adapter is (according
to lspci):

04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (rev b0)

using driver atl1e of said kernel.

_Unless_ the network device is put in promiscuous mode (e.g., by
running tcpdump), it does not see packets sent to Ethernet multicast
address 33:33:00:00:00:01. E.g., IPv6 packets to ff02::1
(ip6-allnodes) are not seen.

Practical consequence: IPv6 is broken, because router advertisements
are not received.

("ip maddr show" does give "link 33:33:00:00:00:01" among the
subscribed multicast addresses, so it's not a config problem.)

Is this a known problem? Is there a patch fixing it?

Until then, a workaround is to put the device in promiscuous mode.

Happy hacking,

David A. Madore
(, )

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