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    SubjectACPI crash on lid close - SMP race?
    If the _DOS flag on my HP 2510p is set to 0 (ie, signal OS when screen 
    notification is requested, don't change automatically) then it'll crash
    on random lid open/closes. The trace generally makes little sense and
    depends on the kernel version and phase of the moon. I'd ignored this as
    firmware brokenness up until lately, but since having _DOS set to 0 is
    the only way to get a notification when the display switch key is
    pressed on this machine I'd be interested in fixing it properly.

    Unfortunately, I've got no real idea what on earth is going on. The only
    clue I've found so far is that booting with maxcpus=1 leaves it working
    perfectly. What parts of the ACPI stack could be triggering this?

    Matthew Garrett |

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