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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] rudimentary tracing for Classic RCU
    2008/10/9 Paul E. McKenney <>:
    > Hello!
    > This is a tracing patch for Classic RCU, which creates an "rcu/rcucb"
    > file in debugfs. This patch can be handy when you need to work out
    > why RCU is refusing to end the current grace period.
    > Reading from the file results in something like the following:
    > rcu: cur=1129 completed=1128 np=0 s=0
    > 0,3,7
    > rcu_bh: cur=-287 completed=-287 np=0 s=0
    > online: 0-7

    Hi Paul,

    Why don't you use the ring-buffer tracing engine?
    You will really make your life better by putting it as a tracer in
    kernel/trace and by using the relevant API.
    That will avoid you to manage the debugfs things, the memory
    allocation, the buffer managment.....

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