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SubjectRe: Re: [PATCH 3/6] memcg: charge-commit-cancel protocl
----- Original Message -----
>> precharge/commit/cancel can be used for other places,
>> - shmem, (and other places need precharge.)
>> - move_account(force_empty) etc...
>> we'll revisit later.
>> Changelog v5 -> v6:
>> - added newpage_charge() and migrate_fixup().
>> - renamed functions for swap-in from "swap" to "swapin"
>> - add more precise description.
>I don't have any objection to this direction now, but I have one quiestion.
>Does mem_cgroup_charge_migrate_fixup need to charge a newpage,
>while mem_cgroup_prepare_migration has charged it already?
In migration-is-failed case, we have to charge *old page* here.

>I agree adding I/F would be good for future, but I think
>mem_cgroup_charge_migration_fixup can be no-op function for now.
Hmm, handling failure case in explicit way may be better. Ok,
I'll try some.


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