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    SubjectMMC maintainership help needed
    (This message is cross-posted to linux-arm-kernel which is subscribers
    only, so edit the cc list if you're not on that list. This was done
    because most MMC users are on that list.)

    I'm having trouble finding time and energy for handling MMC stuff in a
    timely manner (as those of you sending patches to me have noticed).
    Therefore I'm sending out this general plea for assistance.

    If you see any MMC/SD/SDIO patches, bug reports or general questions,
    don't be afraid to comment and/or ask for more information. Even if you
    don't feel like you can solve the issue, any help you can provide means
    that my limited time can be better spent. And you'll probably also get
    more comfortable with the MMC parts in the process. :)

    On a related note, I see very little comments to my reviews except from
    the original author. As such I'm having a hard time evaluating my role.
    Are people satisified with my work as a gatekeeper or am I just being a
    pain in the ass? I know I can be a bit anal at times. :)

    -- Pierre Ossman

    Linux kernel, MMC maintainer
    rdesktop, core developer

    WARNING: This correspondence is being monitored by the
    Swedish government. Make sure your server uses encryption
    for SMTP traffic and consider using PGP for end-to-end
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