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    SubjectRe: Long delays and keystrokes required - related to disk encryption?
    Frans Pop wrote:
    > On Tuesday 28 October 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
    >> I'm seeing some very strange behavior with 2.6.28-rc2-95-g49fdf67 on my
    >> HP 2510p notebook.
    >> During the boot there are several places where I need to hit a key for
    >> the boot to continue. There are also some very long delays before the
    >> next syslog message is displayed.
    >> The boot does continue and regularly hitting a key helps (but does not
    >> get rid of all delays), but it is a huge regression from 2.6.27.
    >> The delays seem to continue until file systems get mounted.
    >> As the delays start at the point my system asks for the passphrase to
    >> unlock (LUKS) encrypted disks, I suspect it has to do with that.
    >> Especially since hitting a key seems to "trigger" new disk activity.
    >> However, the delays happen _again_ during shutdown, which makes it
    >> extra strange that the system does behave normally when logged in.
    >> During the first boot wireless networking failed. During the second
    >> boot, wireless networking did come up (without any relevant changes).
    >> This gave an interesting extra data point: with wireless the delays on
    >> shutdown started later: after iwlagn gets disabled.
    > I've bisected it to:
    > commit dc4304f7deee29fcdf6a2b62f7146ea7f505fd42
    > Author: Arjan van de Ven <>
    > Date: Mon Oct 13 10:32:15 2008 -0400
    > rangetimers: fix the bug reported by Ingo for real
    > The bisection was one of those annoying ones where you switch branches
    > often and get a load of config changes. This means that I'm not 100% sure
    > about it, especially as the behavior changed for the last few "bad"s:
    > instead of endlessly repeated delays there would be only a few of them
    > immediately after entering the LUKS passphrase.

    ok one easy thing to try, in the peek function (that this patch touches),
    just stick a "return" as first statement in.
    If that "fixes" it, we have a real issue with hrtimers, if not then something else is going on..

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