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SubjectRe: [otus-devel] Release of Atheros 802.11n USB Linux driver
On 10/28/2008 12:35 AM, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:

> This is now fixed on the master branch, also the branch "for-upstream"
> does a lot of cleanup I thought you may like before stuffing it into
> staging like removing all KERNEL_VERSION checks, all wireless
> extensions checks, some compile warnings, removal of compat, dos2unix,
> use utf-8, etc. Unfortunately this still requires a specific version
> of wpa_supplicant but it seems it works. Not sure what bars you have
> for staging at this point.

I was a bit disappointed to find binary-only firmware inside the
driver (HalPlus/OTUS_FB50/{hpfwbu,hpfwuinit}.c which is downloaded
into the device during startup (initially thought this to be a
complete OpenSource driver :-(

Unless the attitude towards binary chunks inside the Linux kernel
have changed, I guess these should be moved into userspace using the
firmware_class driver to access it.


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