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SubjectRe: MCEs
> > This is the kind of MCE that freezes the box and causes a panic.  The
> > trace does not end up in syslog. I found a program called mcelog which
> > I am supposed to call regularly from cron, but how can that help me when
> > the first MCE I get insta-panics the box?
> When you do a warm boot (not power cycle, but reset button or
> panic=30) then the panic mce will be logged after reboot.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here.
I run mcelog from the shell after the boot.
Nothing happens, I get the shell prompt right back.

How do I know it's really a MCE? So far my symptoms are: the machine
freezes, then a panic dump scrolls by, and the only text I can see on my
screen are the stack dump lines, which contain something to the tune of
machine_check() or so. Nothing shows up in syslog, probably the kernel
decides the box is too hosed to log anything.


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