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SubjectRe: [git pull] IDE updates #4

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:

>>>> Also I didn't know anything about your patchset and its
>>>> dependency on TX4939, otherwise I'll be pushing things in
>>> The patchset consists of a large patch moving read_sff_dma_status() to
>>> its porper place, one small preparatory patch, and 2 followup patches,
>>> so unfortunately it's dependent on TX4939 in its main patch (worse, the
>>> relevant part of this driver has changed after your last merged driver
>>> version)...
>>>> different order or even skip this pull request if needed
>>>> (TX493x drivers are new stuff and were still under review,
>>>> such things can be also submitted after the merge window
>>>> closes so they were given the lowest priority).
>>> Unfortunately, that driver has been submitted first back 9/09, long
>>> before my patchset was even created, so the dependence was just natural.
>> I could also rip out TX4939 part from the patch and leave Atsushi to deal
>> with the fallout (though I could give him the ripped out part to simply be
>> merged to the driver) if you would queue my patchset ahead of the driver.
>> Though I feel it's too late now for my patchset to get into 2.6.28 the way
>> things have been happening... :-/
> Ehm, submitting things _before_ the merge window usually help. ;-)

If I only had time to do that...

> Anyway, no need to get too frustrated over it. It is normal that

I got used to my bad luck long ago -- this was only a minor series of
misfortunes... :-)

MBR, Sergei

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