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SubjectRe: [RFC] Kernel version numbering scheme change
Greg KH wrote:
>> I think it's both visually cumbersome and has the problem that it is harder
>> to predict future releases. The first problem can be dealt with by simply
>> subtracting 2000 from the year (Altera uses this scheme for their EDA
>> tools, and I didn't realize it for quite a while because it looked so
>> natural), but the second is still a problem.
> What is the "problem" of predicting future releases? What relies on the
> actual number being "correct" some random time in the future?

We already have the 2.6.28-rc series; and we are already talking about
2.6.29 features.

We *really* don't want 2008.3-rc4 to be followed by 2009.1-rc5. That is
the kind of stuff that make script makers want to strangle developers
alive with their own intestines.


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