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Subject[PATCH 3/9] Blackfin Serial Driver: use barrier instead of cpu_relax for Blackfin SMP like patch
From: Graf Yang <>

We are making a SMP like patch to blackfin, cpu_relax() is replaced by a
data cache flush function which will count it to a per-cpu counter.
If this serial function is called too early, the per-cpu data area have
not been initialized, this call will cause crash.
So we'd like to use barrier() instead of cpu_relax().

Signed-off-by: Graf Yang <>
Signed-off-by: Bryan Wu <>
drivers/serial/bfin_5xx.c | 3 ++-
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/serial/bfin_5xx.c b/drivers/serial/bfin_5xx.c
index 16b891e..aea3a53 100644
--- a/drivers/serial/bfin_5xx.c
+++ b/drivers/serial/bfin_5xx.c
@@ -1107,7 +1107,8 @@ static __init void early_serial_putc(struct uart_port *port, int ch)
struct bfin_serial_port *uart = (struct bfin_serial_port *)port;

while ((!(UART_GET_LSR(uart) & THRE)) && --timeout)
- cpu_relax();
+ barrier();
UART_PUT_CHAR(uart, ch);


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