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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] [REPOST] mm: show node to memory section relationship with symlinks in sysfs
On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 09:34 -0700, Gary Hade wrote:
> I understand your concerns about adding possibly frivolous interfaces
> but in this case we are simply eliminating a very obvious hole in the
> existing set of memory hot-add/remove interfaces. In general, it
> makes absolutely no sense to provide a resource add/remove mechanism
> without telling the user where the resource is physically located.

Does it help we export the phys_index (basically the section number) as
part of the section directory?

I don't think we export the physical memory ranges of NUMA nodes. But,
if we did that as well, it would allow userspace to do this association
without troubling the kernel with maintaining it.

-- Dave

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