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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pata_of_platform: fix no irq handling
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Tejun Heo wrote:
>> Anton Vorontsov wrote:
>>> When no irq specified the pata_of_platform fills the irq_res with -1,
>>> which is wrong to do for two reasons:
>>> 1. By definition, 'no irq' should be IRQ 0, not some negative integer;
>>> 2. pata_platform checks for irq_res.start > 0, but since irq_res.start
>>> is unsigned type, the check will be true for `-1'.
>>> Reported-by: Steven A. Falco <>
>>> Signed-off-by: Anton Vorontsov <>
>> applied to #tj-upstream (will soon be sent upstream)
> I have returned! muhahahahahaha....

Ah.. great. Hope you enjoyed the vacation. Can you please pull from

git:// tj-upstream;a=shortlog;h=tj-upstream

Nothing much. Rafael's skip-spin-off patchset + Elias's small fix +
ATA_HORKAGE_ATAPI_MOD16_DMA + pata_of_platform irq fix.

Gwendal posted patches to enable FIS based switching when NCQ is
disabled on sata_mv but I think this should be put into separate
branch and stay in linux-next till Mark Lord comes back and reviews it
as I don't know much about the driver and don't know of anyone other
than Gwendal and Mark who do.

sata_nv detection problem is still not resolved. I figured out
generic and ck804 but nf2/3 is still malfunctioning. I asked for more
tests and am waiting for results.

Eh... I guess that's about it. Enjoy your INBOX. :-P


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