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SubjectRe: [smartmontools-support] inactive SATA drives won't stay in standby or sleep, PATA models did. (fwd)
Mikael Pettersson wrote:
> - smartctl -n standby waking Linda's disks from standby is probably
> a disk firmware issue or a smartctl issue. I see no evidence that
> sata_promise is to blame for that.

/me agrees. I think it's most likely a problem in the firmware.

> - hardreset in sata_promise seems broken. I'll take a closer look
> at that in about a week's time (I'll be busy with other work the
> next couple of days).

This looks like a rather serious problem, so please take a look at
this. Also, after the drive went down, does unplugging and replugging
the signal cable fix the problem, if not does doing the same thing
with the power cable make any difference?



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