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    SubjectRe: acpi-test tree on eeepc: EC error message on second resume
    Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
    > On Saturday, 11 of October 2008, Alexey Starikovskiy wrote:
    >> Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
    >>>> No, we discussed this before -- we are outside of the transaction, thus
    >>>> no GPE
    >>>> activity could interfere with ec_check_ibf0.
    >>> Ok, this is in the process context and we don't really expect to get an
    >>> interrupt at this point, but what happens if the EC generates an event that's
    >>> not related to any transiaction. Is that guaranteed to never happen?
    >> Interrupt handler in this case can't cause a change to status register, thus our
    >> read of it will not be affected by interrupt.
    > Ok, thanks.
    > Alan, does the patch work for you?
    > Rafael

    Yes. Two reboot cycles, three suspend/resume cycles each, and no error

    I hope we have a better fix in mind though :-P. The patch doesn't solve
    the unnecessary 500ms delay when this thing happens.


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