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    SubjectLinux 2.6.27 will be a longtime supported kernel
    2.6.16 has become a bit dated, and I'll maintain 2.6.27 for a few years 
    as a replacement.

    As with 2.6.16, I'll pickup maintainance when the normal -stable
    maintainance ends (at some point after 2.6.28 gets released in January).

    It is intended to fill the niche for users who are not using
    distribution kernels but want to use a regression-free kernel for a
    longer time. It might be a small part of the userbase, but after the
    experiences with 2.6.16 I can say that there are quite a few users
    who appreciate such an offering.

    As people might have noted I wasn't able to do much kernel stuff
    recently, and 2.6.16 also suffered from this. I'll bring 2.6.16 back
    into shape and keep it maintained until at least mid-2009.



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