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SubjectRe: libata: set queue SSD flag for SSD devices
On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 17:44:13 +0200
James Bottomley <> wrote:

> > So we need something a bit more involved, but not too complex. A
> > fine line...
> It's a policy ... just let userspace do it so the user can tune it.
> That's what EMC does now (except I think they key of inquiry strings
> rather than cache size).

while the chosen elevator obviously is policy, the kernel really should
pick a sensible default based on what it knows.
Lets put it this way: if userland needs to do a tuning to the kernel
based on data only provided by the kernel, and will always do it the
same way, we should have made that choice the default policy in the
kernel in the first place.

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