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Subject[PATCH 0/6] memcg update v6 (for review and discuss)
This series is update from v5.

easy 4 patches are already posted as ready-to-go-series.

This is need-more-discuss set.

Includes following 6 patches. (reduced from v5).
The whole series are reordered.

[1/6] make page_cgroup->flags to be atomic.
[2/6] allocate all page_cgroup at boot.
[3/6] rewrite charge path by charge/commit/cancel
[4/6] new force_empty and move_account
[5/6] lazy lru free
[6/6] lazy lru add.

Patch [3/6] and [4/6] are totally rewritten.
Races in Patch [6/6] is fixed....I think.

Patch [1-4] seems to be big but there is no complicated ops.
Patch [5-6] is more racy. Check-by-regression-test is necessary.
(Of course, I does some.)

If ready-to-go-series goes, next is patch 1 and 2.


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