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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] e1000e: write protect ICHx NVM to prevent malicious write/erase

    On Wed, 1 Oct 2008, Jesse Brandeburg wrote:
    > From: Bruce Allan <>
    > Set the hardware to ignore all write/erase cycles to the GbE region in
    > the ICHx NVM. This feature can be disabled by the WriteProtectNVM module
    > parameter (enabled by default) only after a hardware reset, but
    > the machine must be power cycled before trying to enable writes.

    Thanks, applied.

    One thing that I did notice when I looked at the driver is that I don't
    see any serialization what-so-ever around a lot of the special accesses.

    There's all these different routines that do

    ret_val = e1000_acquire_swflag_ich8lan(hw);
    if (ret_val)
    return retval;

    but as far as I can tell, there is absolutely _nothing_ that prevents
    these from being done concurrently by software.

    Yeah, yeah, I'm sure most of them end up being single-threaded and only
    called over the probe sequence (well, at least I _hope_ so), but it sure
    isn't obvious. People call e1000_read_nvm() from various different
    contexts, and I'm not seeing what - if anything - protects two concurrent
    ethtool queries, for example.

    Imagine that you run ethtool concurrently (even on a UP machine with
    preemption of just a sleeping op), and tell me that having two
    e1000_acquire_swflag_ich8lan/e1000_release_swflag_ich8lan sequences nest
    (or overlap) works. I don't think it does.

    That E1000_EXTCNF_CTRL_SWFLAG is _not_ a lock against other threads, it's
    purely a lock against the hardware itself. And maybe I'm missing some
    locking, but I can't see it.

    Same goes for the PHY accesses etc afaik. Hmm?


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