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SubjectRe: The ext3 way of journalling
On Wed, 09 Jan 2008 15:00:46 +0700, BuraphaLinux Server said:
> The help for CONFIG_DM_SNAPSHOT says it is EXPERIMENTAL (in
> So this would mean that there is very high risk of
> software failure using snapshots. Would you want to do that for your
> fsck?

The overall current state of EXPERIMENTAL in the tree is, quite frankly,
somewhere between a complete crock and a wheelbarrow full of bovine fertilizer.
There's a lot of things labeled EXPERIMENTAL that shouldn't be, and a lot of
bleeding edge things that may eat your disks and cause your dog to turn green
that aren't labelled EXPERIMENTAL.

Having said that, I have *no* idea what state the snapshot code is in, but I
have approximately zero confidence that the EXPERIMENTAL tag tells me anything
actually useful about the snapshot code.

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