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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/6] syslets: add generic syslets infrastructure
    On Thursday 10 January 2008 05:16:57 Zach Brown wrote:
    > > The latter. A ring is optimal for processing a huge number of requests,
    > > but if you're really going to be firing off syslet threads all over the
    > > place you're not going to be optimal anyway. And being able to point the
    > > return value to the stack or into some datastructure is way nicer to code
    > > (zero setup == easy to understand and easy to convert).
    > One of Linus' rhetorical requirements for the syslets work is that we be
    > able to wait for the result without spending overhead building up state
    > in some completion context. The userland rings in the current syslet
    > patches achieve that and don't seem outrageously complicated.

    I'd have to read his original statement, but eventfd doesn't build up state,
    so I think it qualifies.

    YA incompatible userspace notification system just doesn't excite me though.


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