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    SubjectRe: The ext3 way of journalling

    On Jan 8 2008 17:52, Tuomo Valkonen wrote:
    >On 2008-01-08, Andre Noll <> wrote:
    >> Use tune2fs to deactivate checking.
    >So, a workaround is the answer to a clear bug. Typical FOSS.

    Well if it is a problem for you, why do not you come and fix it?

    >> Modify the init scripts or use another distro.
    >Another typical FOSS answer. "You have the source, you can fix it."
    >With what time?

    If you do not like spending time yourself, hire someone.

    >> Check your tool-chain. Many people compile recent kernels with no problems.
    >And recompile and recompile and recompile ad infinitum, because always
    >some option was missing or wrong, there being far too many of them and
    >hidden all over the place.

    Yes. Either you compile or you use a distro kernel. But you do not want
    either, so that kinda narrows it down.

    >> Nobody forces you to use udev. Moreover, you can write your own udev
    >> rules that match your expectations.
    >See above on having time to learn over-cryptic systems. . Replace Windows by <whatever
    favorite OS you wanted to originally have>.

    >> You're not ranting about Linux but about your Distro. Complain on
    >> the corresponding distro-specific mailing list, use another distro
    >> and and stop whining.
    >I don't use a distro kernel. I use a kernel I compiled myself over
    >two years ago. I have tried compiling newer ones, but it's too much
    >work to get all the options right. And then there's the problem that
    >the "good" driver for my SATA disk may not be there anymore in the
    >latest kernels, and so on.

    I did the same previously. As soon as there was more than three
    machines to administer, I stopped building kernels the typical way
    for production machines and instead built one central RPM (sort of
    distro kernel). I never look back.

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