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    SubjectRe: The ext3 way of journalling
    On 16:07, Tuomo Valkonen wrote:

    > I hate it: every time Linux crashes, e.g. due to power failure, it takes
    > almost an hour to boot, because the kernel has decided to corrupt the
    > superblock to indicate that it's been years since last file system
    > check.

    Use tune2fs to deactivate checking.

    > And obviously the crappy init system provides no simple way to
    > stop the checking, to put it in the background, or whatever.

    Modify the init scripts or use another distro.

    > The FOSS herd is totally concentrated on creating a WIMP idiot box --
    > a cheap plastic clone of Windows -- instead of fixing such fundamental
    > problems.
    > Windows, by the way, boots like a blaze compared to woeful Linux crap
    > (even without the very definition of pure shit: udev, which the crap
    > known as Linux practically requires these days).

    Don't use udev then. Good old static dev works fine if you have a fixed
    set of devices.

    > A partial contributor to the slow fsck process is:
    > hde: ST3160023AS, ATA DISK drive
    > hde: applying pessimistic Seagate errata fix
    > # hdparm -t /dev/hde
    > /dev/hde:
    > Timing buffered disk reads: 48 MB in 3.01 seconds = 15.96 MB/sec

    You're using the sil3112 driver? Edit its blacklist and remove the
    entry for your drive. That gives you the usual speed.

    > Linux noi 2.6.14 #1 PREEMPT Sun Oct 30 20:18:48 EET 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
    > I've tried upgrading, and failed: the megatonne monolith with a gazillion
    > hidden options (and totally worthless make oldconfig)

    Gradually upgrade to 2.6.15, 2.6.16...

    > is impossible to compile these days,

    Check your tool-chain. Many people compile recent kernels with no problems.

    > and the distros' stock kernel are utter and total crap
    > that load drivers in wrong order etc., and are difficult to configure
    > (demanding crap that demands udev to edit their initrds).

    Use a version.

    > Not to even speak of the udev-demanding scsi-mapping insanity of SATA
    > etc. devices these days.

    Nobody forces you to use udev. Moreover, you can write your own udev
    rules that match your expectations.

    > I've had it with Linux. It's no longer for power users. It's so complex
    > that it's only for idiot users that are content with the shoddy defaults,
    > and (paid) developers.

    You're not ranting about Linux but about your Distro. Complain on
    the corresponding distro-specific mailing list, use another distro
    and and stop whining.

    The only person who always got his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe
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