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    SubjectRe: + restore-missing-sysfs-max_cstate-attr.patch added to -mm tree
    Len Brown wrote:
    > 1. Why does VMware need max_cstate=1 to load quickly?

    Eh? Nothing to do with "loading" anything,
    but rather it's simple responsiveness to guest keyboard
    input that we're experiencing trouble with.
    The guest OS is probably "broken" in that regard,
    but setting max_cstate=1 makes it usable here.

    > 2. Why does the "max_csate=1" workaround help only
    > on the dual-core boxes, while the single-core
    > boxes still fail to load quickly?

    Eh? Setting max_cstate=1 helps on both single/dual core
    boxes/kernels here. The alternative (newer) latency thing
    (that requires a custom kernel module to change on the fly)
    is the thing that had no effect at all on our single-core box,
    but did seem to help the dual-core more (not verified completely
    on dual-core though).


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