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SubjectRe: [patch] scsi: revert "[SCSI] Get rid of scsi_cmnd->done"

I'll agree with what Willy wrote here, Bugzilla is a pain to use, you
can't just dump an email into it and have it captured. I think we
should be looking at something more like 'WebRT' which is an *issue*
tracker software. But that too might be too heavy weight and too
noisy as well.

And suddenly it would starting putting ticket numbers onto all the
non-problem conversations we have here on lkml as well, which I'm not
sure we really want.

Does it mean that we needs to have a '' email for
people to report bugs/problems/issues, while lkml remains (but is
copied for all '' emails) primarily the developer point
of contact?

The question to me really revolves around how do you automate the
process in a transparent manner so that people don't have to change
much how they interact with lkml.


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