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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] udf: improve code related to super_block v3
    Ehh, forgot to add patching order :(

    Should be:
    [PATCH 1/6] udf: fix coding style of super.c
    [PATCH 2/6] udf: remove some ugly macros
    [PATCH 3/6] udf: convert UDF_SB_ALLOC_PARTMAPS macro to udf_sb_alloc_partition_maps function
    [PATCH 4/6] udf: check if udf_load_logicalvol failed
    [PATCH 5/6] udf: convert some macros to functions
    [PATCH 6/6] udf: fix sparse warnings (shadowing & mismatch between declaration and definition)

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