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    SubjectRE: x86/non-x86: percpu, node ids, apic ids x86.git fixup
    > So the percpu changes are innocent ... something else since 2.6.24 is
    > to blame. Only 5749 commits :-) I'll start bisecting.

    12 bisections later ... nothing! I think I got lost in the
    maze. Bisection #5 had a crash, but it looked to be a very
    differnt crash (and looked to happen later than the bug I was
    hunting). So I marked that as "good" on the theory that it
    looked like this bug wasn't in the kernel. Same thing happened
    at bisection #9. But I ended up with:

    commit bfada697bd534d2c16fd07fbef3a4924c4d4e014
    Author: Pavel Emelyanov <>
    Date: Sun Dec 2 00:57:08 2007 +1100

    [IPV4]: Use ctl paths to register devinet sysctls

    Which just looks too improbable to be the cause of the UP
    crash. Git won't revert it out from top of tree automatically
    so I can't easily test whether some weird magic means that
    this is the buggy commit.

    Perhaps the issue is another offset of object X in kernel w.r.t.
    object Y ... and so the good/bad choices in the bisection are
    actually pretty random depending on how much code is stuffed
    between X & Y at each bisection point.


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