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SubjectRe: [patch 01/26] mount options: add documentation

On Thursday 24. January 2008, Miklos Szeredi wrote:

> Q: Why do we need correct option showing in /proc/mounts?
> A: We want /proc/mounts to fully replace /etc/mtab. The reasons for
> this are:
> - unprivileged mounters won't be able to update /etc/mtab
> - /etc/mtab doesn't work with private mount namespaces
> - /etc/mtab can become out-of-sync with reality

I asked this before and I don't remember getting an answer:
How does this deal with certain special cases:
- chroot: how will mount/df only show the for chroot relevant mounts?
- loop: how is the connection between file and loop device maintained?

I don't quite see how you want to achieve a _full_ replacement.

Could also please explain why you want to go via user mounts. Other OS use a
daemon for that, which e.g. can maintain access controls. How do you want to
manage this?

bye, Roman

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