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    SubjectRe: ndiswrapper and GPL-only symbols redux

    On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 22:45 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > - it's a fair game to taint the kernel in some way if ndiswrapper has
    > > been loaded at some point, since tainting per se is just an indicator
    > > that the kernel has been used in an unsupportable way
    > That's all the patch appears to do. Se the taint flag.

    There are two taint flags. Let's see:

    if (strcmp(mod->name, "ndiswrapper") == 0)
    + add_taint_module(mod, TAINT_PROPRIETARY_MODULE);

    And that's add_taint_module():

    static inline void add_taint_module(struct module *mod, unsigned flag)
    mod->taints |= flag;

    The module taint is set before the symbols are resolved. Therefore, the
    GPL-only symbols won't be resolved.

    > > - if this change stands, ndiswrapper will be renamed, which would only
    > > create more confusion and would thus defeat the purpose of tainting
    > Not a productive approach. It will only harm support for everyone.

    I know. But ndiswrapper is a maintained program, which is regularly
    updated to work with the latest kernels. If the author fails to make
    the necessary updates for the next kernel for whatever reason, somebody
    will fork it and make such updates.

    Pavel Roskin

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