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    SubjectRe: Udev coldplugging loads 8139too driver instead of 8139cp

    On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 03:46 +0300, Michael Tokarev wrote:

    > Udev in fact loads both - 8139cp and 8139too. The difference is the ORDER
    > in which it loads them - if for "cp-handled" hardware it first loads "too",
    > too will complain as above and will NOT claim the device. The same is
    > true for the opposite.

    Actually, it's the order in which the probe functions run, which is
    typically related to the order in which they are loaded. You can
    blacklist one driver and get the other instead.

    > I don't know what happened in 2.6.24, but my guess is that since 8139too-based
    > hw is now alot more common, the two drivers are listed in the opposite
    > order.

    Nah. Random build ordering as it always has been - two different builds
    would end up with modules in a different order on disk, hence depmod
    would generate a different ordering. This will be fixed shortly with the
    Modules.order bits, but you will still need to blacklist one of the
    drivers (unless you're lucky and 8139too comes first), until there is
    proper support for dynamic rebinding and udev rules to do that.

    > In short: NotABug, or ComplainToRealtec (but that's waaaay too late and
    > will not help anyway) ;)

    Nah. It's a "bug" insomuch as we don't handle multiple matching aliases
    very well, and it's becoming more common, so we probably should :)


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