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SubjectRe: PATCH/RFC: bzImage payload as compressed ELF file.
Ian Campbell wrote:
> I finessed the length issue slightly since it happens that the word
> before the payload is the payload's length. I'm mulling a variety of
> options:
> * declare it compression scheme dependant. At least for gzip it
> knows when it has reached the end.
> * codify the length followed by data thing we happen to have now
> * add a length field to the header, using another 4 bytes (is
> there any pressure on the size of the header?).
> I'd probably go with the later unless we are pressed for space in the
> header.

I would agree with that. In fact, while we're adding fields to the
header, I would like to add a field that would be the CRC32 (or other
simple integrity check) over the whole image.


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