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    SubjectRe: Problem with ata layer in 2.6.24
    On Tuesday 29 January 2008, Alan Cox wrote:
    >> not one problem but lots---is sufficiently widespread that a Mini HOWTO,
    >> say, would be really welcome and, I'm guessing, widely used.
    >We don't see very many libata problems at the distro level and they for
    >the most part boil down to
    >- error messages looking different - Most bugs I get are things like
    >media errors (timeout looks different, UNC report looks different)
    >- broken hardware - I've closed a whole raft of bugs that turn out to be
    >new PC systems where even the BIOS doesn't see the drives
    >- faulty hardware being picked up because we actually do real error
    >checking now. We now check for and give some devices more slack while
    >still doing error checking. Both IDE layers also added blacklists for
    >stuff like the TSScorp DVD drives. Qemu has now had its bugs patched.
    >- sata_nv with >4GB of RAM, knowing being worked on, no old IDE driver
    >- pata_ali MWDMA with ATAPI, PIO works fine, all a bit of a mystery and
    >as it affects only a few chip variants hard to figure out. Workaround
    >- CS handling. On a few boxes using cable select (particularly on one
    >drive and not the other) shows up a problem, normally a failed SRST.
    >That's still under investigation.
    >- Promise timeouts. The old IDE times out then polls the device and finds
    >the IRQ was never sent and then recovers so the user sees a short stall
    >but no errors. The new libata doesn't do this and pdc202xx_old thus
    >produces some error messages on some boxes. Backup polling is on my todo

    As slight change here, I was going to use the same .config as 2.6.24-rc8, but
    just discovered that neither rc8 nor final is finding the drivers for my
    dvd writer while using libata, so its not useable. So I've enable a couple of
    things in the 2.6.24 build that aren't in the 2.6.24-rc8. When I find the
    magic twanger, I'll rebuild -rc8 with it too.

    Cheers, Gene
    "There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
    soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
    -Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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