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    SubjectRe: fixed a bug of adma in rhel4u5 with HDS7250SASUN500G.
    Kuan Luo wrote:
    > Robert worte.
    >> Kuan, does this patch (using the notifiers to see if the command is
    >> really done) still work if one port on the controller has
    >> ADMA disabled
    >> because it's in ATAPI mode? I seem to recall Allen Martin mentioning
    >> that notifiers wouldn't work in this case.
    > I just tried the 2.6.24-rc7 sata_nv driver with one hd and one cdrom in
    > the same controller.
    > I mkfs hd and mounted the cdrom and no error happened.
    > Allen, is there anything about notifier that we should pay attention
    > to?

    Assuming not, then this patch should be applied..

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