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SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] security/selinux/netlabel.c: fix double free
On Mon, Jan 28, 2008 at 05:23:46PM -0500, Paul Moore wrote:
> On Monday 28 January 2008 5:09:38 pm Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > This patch fixes a double free (security_netlbl_sid_to_secattr()
> > already calls netlbl_secattr_destroy() when it returns !0) introduced
> > by commit 45c950e0f839fded922ebc0bfd59b1081cc71b70 and spotted by the
> > Coverity checker.
> Hi Adrian,

Hi Paul,

> Thanks for finding this mistake, however, I'd rather see it fixed by
> removing the netlbl_secattr_destroy() call in
> security_netlbl_sid_to_secattr() as it really shouldn't be there
> anymore. We moved the matching _init() call into
> selinux_netlbl_sock_setsid() and I'd like to see the _init() and
> _destroy() calls done in the same function. I can push a revised patch
> for this if you would prefer, otherwise I'll be happy to ack an updated
> version ...

doing the patch is trivial but you are able to write a better
changelog for it - just push a revised patch.

> paul moore



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