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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Documentation: mention email-clients.txt in SubmittingPatches
Paul Jackson wrote:
> Randy wrote:
>> Does Sylpheed IMAP do filtering for you?
>> It does not according to the Sylpheed FAQ, but the FAQ is
>> extremely out of date.
> You are correct that the Sylpheed FAQ, such as at:
> states:
> 1.8 Q08 Does Sylpheed have mail filtering?
> A. Yes. You can find it in Configuration -> filtering tab.
> Please note that filtering is not yet implemented for IMAP accounts.
> And you are correct -- that FAQ is out of date. It seems to be
> dated 2002.
> To answer your question, yes filtering now works fine on IMAP folders
> using Sylpheed. I make heavy use of it. I'm using Sylpheed version
> 2.2.4 at the moment.
> ===
> Be that as it may, whether Sylpheed IMAP folder filters worked or not,
> I'd suggest that the Documentation/email-clients.txt file not engage
> in evaluation of the general purpose feature sets of various email
> clients, but rather confine itself to what matters to the kernel
> mailing list, such as how to get patches formatted correctly.

Agreed. I'll modify it.


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