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    SubjectRe: 2.6.24 regression: Wake On Lan in sky2 broken on Mac mini

    * Mikael Pettersson <> wrote:

    > > Now I tried the 2.6.24 release and noticed that WOL is still
    > > broken. I'll be happy to test any patches that can make it into
    > >
    > 1. Wrong mailing list; use netdev (@vger) instead.

    lkml is the right mailing list for reporting Linux bugs.

    this is an extermely harmful trend i've seen lately: some kernel hackers
    going out on a limb directing the flow of bugreports _away_ from lkml,
    by suggesting to testers that lkml is somehow inappropriate for
    reporting Linux kernel bugs.

    It's not even the standard "I Cc:-ed netdev, maybe they are interested
    in this" message but the above, plain incorrect: "this is the wrong
    mailing list" message.

    Mikael, what you do is as harmful to Linux as if you were intentionally
    putting bugs into the kernel source. In fact it's more harmful because
    it is irreversible: bugs you put into Linux i can fix and i can review
    all past patches you did to undo the damage - tester attention and
    feedback you redirect we cannot direct back. Stop it!


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