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SubjectRe: [PATCH] X86: coding style fixes to arch/x86/math-errors.c - take 2

* Dmitri Vorobiev <> wrote:

> Looks like it would be better to proceed in the following manner:
> 1) remove dead code (no md5 change);
> 2) reformat the lines to use tabs, not spaces (no md5 change);
> 3) address the "else-braces" and "single statement block" errors
> (no md5 change);
> 4) remove all unnecessary spaces (no md5 change);
> 5) add the KERN_ macros (md5 will change).
> 6) address remaining checkpatch complaints (no md5 change wrt #5
> above).
> Each item above might get into a separate patch.

agreed, that looks like a sensible splitup for such larger cleanup

(also, a debug switch that disabled the FPU on modern CPUs and which
forced math-emu would be nice as well.)


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