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SubjectRe: [patch 0/4] [RFC] MMU Notifiers V1
On Fri, 25 Jan 2008, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> On a technical merit this still partially makes me sick and I think
> it's the last issue to debate.
> @@ -971,6 +974,9 @@ int try_to_unmap(struct page *page, int
> else
> ret = try_to_unmap_file(page, migration);
> + if (unlikely(PageExternalRmap(page)))
> + mmu_rmap_notifier(invalidate_page, page);
> +
> if (!page_mapped(page))
> return ret;
> I find the above hard to accept, because the moment you work with
> physical pages and not "mm+address" I think you couldn't possibly care
> if page_mapped is true or false, and I think the above notifier should
> be called _outside_ try_to_unmap. Infact I'd call
> mmu_rmap_notifier(invalidate_page, page); only if page_unmapped is
> false and the linux pte is gone already (practically just before the
> page_count == 2 check and after try_to_unmap).

try_to_unmap is called from multiple places. The placement here
also covers f.e. page migration.

We also need to do this in the page_mkclean case because the permissions
on an external pte are restricted there. So we need a refault to update
the pte.

> I also think it's still worth to debate the rmap based on virtual or
> physical index. By supporting both secondary-rmap designs at the same
> time you seem to agree current KVM lightweight rmap implementation is
> a superior design at least for KVM. But by insisting on your rmap
> based on physical for your usage, you're implicitly telling us that is
> a superior design for you. But we know very little of why you can't

We actually need both version. We have hardware that has a driver without
rmap that does not sleep. On the other hand XPmem has rmap capability and
needs to sleep for its notifications.

> Nevertheless I'm very glad we already fully converged on the
> set_page_dirty, invalidate-page after ptep_clear_flush/young,
> etc... and furthermore that you only made very minor modification to
> my code to add a pair of hooks for the page-based rmap notifiers on
> top of my patch. So from a functionality POV this is 100% workable
> already from KVM side!

Well we still have to review this stuff more and I have a vague feeling
that not all the multiple hooks that came about because I took the
mmu_notifier(invalidate_page, ...) out of the macro need to be kept
because some of them are already covered by the range operations.

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