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    SubjectRe: Q: linux failed to execute /init?

    On Jan 25 2008 14:39, Jack Harvard wrote:
    >> On Jan 25 2008 13:40, Jack Harvard wrote:
    >> >Hi,
    >> >
    >> >I'm trying to boot Linux, but the /init process failed. Here is the
    >> >info:
    >> >
    >> >=FF<6>/init exit code: -14
    >> >/init exit code: -14
    >> ><4>Failed to execute /init
    >> >Failed to execute /init
    >> > <6>/sbin/init exit code: -14
    >> >
    >> >Just wondering what do those different exit codes mean?
    >> asm-generic/errno-base.h:#define EFAULT 14 /* Bad address */
    >Also, before the init process hung up and printed out /init exit code:
    >-14, it printed out the following symbol
    >Which doesn't make any sense to me, just wondering what could have
    >caused this? it's unlikely due to baud rate and printed out something

    ÿ is 255. While this could indicate a serial transmission error (my
    guess: bad timing), printing -14 repeatedly certainly does not.
    Is the ÿ reproducable, does it happen every time?
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