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SubjectRe: [BUG] The kernel thread for md RAID1 could cause a md RAID1 array deadlock

Thank you for the patch.
I have applied the patch to and it works well.

- In case of, the problem is reproduced.
- In case of with this patch, raid1 works well so far.
The fault injection script continues to run, and it doesn't deadlock.
I will keep it running for a while.

Also, md raid10 seems to have the same problem.
I will test raid10 applying this patch as well.

Neil Brown wrote:
> On Tuesday January 15, wrote:
>> This message describes the details about md-RAID1 issue found by
>> testing the md RAID1 using the SCSI fault injection framework.
>> Abstract:
>> Both the error handler for md RAID1 and write access request to the md RAID1
>> use raid1d kernel thread. The nr_pending flag could cause a race condition
>> in raid1d, results in a raid1d deadlock.
> Thanks for finding and reporting this.
> I believe the following patch should fix the deadlock.
> If you are able to repeat your test and confirm this I would
> appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> NeilBrown
> Fix deadlock in md/raid1 when handling a read error.
> When handling a read error, we freeze the array to stop any other
> IO while attempting to over-write with correct data.
> This is done in the raid1d thread and must wait for all submitted IO
> to complete (except for requests that failed and are sitting in the
> retry queue - these are counted in ->nr_queue and will stay there during
> a freeze).
> However write requests need attention from raid1d as bitmap updates
> might be required. This can cause a deadlock as raid1 is waiting for
> requests to finish that themselves need attention from raid1d.
> So we create a new function 'flush_pending_writes' to give that attention,
> and call it in freeze_array to be sure that we aren't waiting on raid1d.
> Thanks to "K.Tanaka" <> for finding and reporting
> this problem.
> Cc: "K.Tanaka" <>
> Signed-off-by: Neil Brown <>
Kenichi TANAKA | Open Source Software Platform Development Division
| Computers Software Operations Unit, NEC Corporation

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