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SubjectRe: Recursive variable `KBUILD_CFLAGS' references itself (eventually).

On Jan 24 2008 22:27, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
>> > > Trying to do a 32bit build on a 64bit machine.
>> > > I did..
>> > > make ARCH=i386 oldconfig
>> > > make ARCH=i386 arch/x86/
>> >
>> > Walking through my mailbox I found this one.
>> > I did not get similar reports and I cannot reproduce it.
>> > Do you continue to see this or had it been fixed somehow?
>> Still happens for me with the latest tree from git.
>> $ make ARCH=i386 arch/x86/
>There is no easy fx for this one.
>You try to build one of the non-standard directories and it just
>fails because arch/x86/Makefile is not a regular Kbuild file.
>Try with any other directory (almost any other) and it works.
>Considered unfortunate but not a bug - so I will not try to fix it.

So, how are we going to build only arch/x86/ right now with kbuild?

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